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Business-to-business marketers are taking on an increasingly pivotal role in the Internet-driven transformation of the economy. In the next 12 months, the world is anticipating the pace of revolutionary change to accelerate as the Internet continuously evolves to become more than just another business tool. Strategies and tactics are emerging in connection with the B2B marketing-driven revolution that makes it possible to more profitably acquire and retain customers. These changes are destined to radically re-shape almost every business process and create an entirely new way of conducting business.

The implementation of new technologies in the B2B arena is being driven by compelling competitive considerations and by important bottom-line imperatives. Companies should realize that it is crucial to use the new technological capabilities to streamline and dramatically improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their business operations – and those of their customers and suppliers. Nonetheless, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and industry players in Sarawak are still left behind in terms of applying contemporary technology into their marketing strategies. This is when Buysumo.com came in.

As the first B2B marketplace of Sarawak, our mission is to introduce and promulgate Internet Marketing as one of the key marketing strategies for Sarawakian SMEs to expand their market network and to compete globally. Although it is seen as a big challenge for Buysumo.com to help these SMEs grow to become globally-competitive enterprises, with rapid advancement of technology and the Internet, Buysumo.com believes it is never too late for these SMEs to take this approach as a stepping stone toward innovative, hi-tech marketing approach.

Launched in 2013, Buysumo.com is entering its third year of operation. The site is maintained by Buysumo Resources Company, one of the few Internet companies in Sarawak. The company started humbly with only two workers (the founders) and worked from home. Nonetheless, the founders believe that with latest developments in technology, Buysumo.com could become an important player in the B2B marketing arena and catalyze the growth of local businesses especially SMEs. WE ASPIRE TO INSPIRE.
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