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  A&S Diesel Parts Co.,Ltd is a specialized global supplier of a wide range of Doosan/Daewoo diesel engine parts, including piston, piston ring, piston pin, crankshaft, camshaft, fuel injector, bearing, bushing, connecting rod, starter, cylinder block, cylinder liner, cylinder head, head gasket, oil pump, fuel pump, crankcase, water pump, oil pan, O-seal, compression spring, oil cooler, valve plunger, gasket, sleeve, exhaust pipes, hose, inlet/ exhaust valve, screw, pressure stater, oil nozzles, filter, accelerator, turbocharger, sensor, silencers, hexagon bolt, flange, relay, etc.

We provide parts for Doosan/Daewoo engine models as follows. Please visit our diesel-engine-parts(dot)net, or contact me at dieselparts(at)esmachinery(dot)com for more information.

Doosan/Daewoo 4AD158TI,
Doosan/Daewoo 4AD222TI,
Doosan/Daewoo 4V122,
Doosan/Daewoo 4V158TI,
Doosan/Daewoo 4V222TI,
Doosan/Daewoo AD180TI,
Doosan/Daewoo D1146,
Doosan/Daewoo D1146T,
Doosan/Daewoo D18,
Doosan/Daewoo D24,
Doosan/Daewoo D34,
Doosan/Daewoo DB58S,
Doosan/Daewoo DB58TI,
Doosan/Daewoo DB58TIS,
Doosan/Daewoo DE08TIS,
Doosan/Daewoo DE08TS,
Doosan/Daewoo DE12IT,
Doosan/Daewoo DE12TIF,
Doosan/Daewoo DE12TIS,
Doosan/Daewoo DL06,
Doosan/Daewoo DL06K Euro 5,
Doosan/Daewoo DL06KA,
Doosan/Daewoo DL06KB,
Doosan/Daewoo DL06P,
Doosan/Daewoo DL06S,
Doosan/Daewoo DL08,
Doosan/Daewoo DL08K,
Doosan/Daewoo DL08K Euro 5,
Doosan/Daewoo DL08S,
Doosan/Daewoo DP066LA,
Doosan/Daewoo DP066TA,
Doosan/Daewoo DP086LA,
Doosan/Daewoo DP086TA,
Doosan/Daewoo DP158LC,
Doosan/Daewoo DP158LD,
Doosan/Daewoo DP180LA,
Doosan/Daewoo DP180LB,
Doosan/Daewoo DP222LA,
Doosan/Daewoo DP222LB,
Doosan/Daewoo DP222LC,
Doosan/Daewoo DV11,
Doosan/Daewoo DV11K,
Doosan/Daewoo DV11S,
Doosan/Daewoo DV15TIS,
Doosan/Daewoo L034 Marine,
Doosan/Daewoo L034TIH Marine,
Doosan/Daewoo L066TI,
Doosan/Daewoo L086TI,
Doosan/Daewoo L126TI,

Brands we offer: Cummins diesel part, John Deere diesel part, Yanmar diesel part, Perkins diesel part, Caterpillar diesel part, MAN diesel part, Detroit diesel part, Kubota diesel part, Lister Petter diesel part, Deutz diesel part, Komtasu diesel part, Iveco diesel part, HINO diesel part, Hatz diesel part, International diesel part, Onan diesel part, Nissan diesel part, Isuzu diesel part, Volvo diesel part, Benz diesel part, VW/Volkswagen diesel part, Shibaura diesel part, Mitsubishi diesel part,Yuchai diesel part, Daewoo/Doosan diesel part, CNHTC diesel part, Jiangdong diesel part, Gardner diesel part, Hyundai diesel part, Kohler diesel part, and so on.
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