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Chloroprene Rubber (CR) + top line ( import from Japan)

Heat –resistance: 90℃-100℃

Life Guarantee: 60-70 thousand kms

It is mainly used for high requirment car model. Such as Mitsubishi

1.High tensile body (core wire): glass fiber with high tensile strength and elasticity that prevent belts from stretching.

2.Rubber teeth: strong thermotolerance and oil resistance, and super strong cohesion between core wire of tensile body and rubber teeth.

3.Nylon fabric: excellent frictional resistance and low skin-friction coefficient which prolong the service life of product.

Automotive timing belts are produced by using internationally recognised raw material formulation and are manufactured according to strict technical criteria such as plump tooth profile,long service life,low noice and complete specification. Timing belt is mainly for the OEM market and aftermarket high-end cars, car engines and can provide a special power when the transmission is highly efficient and reliable. click  http://www.automotivedrivingbelt.com/ to see more information.

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