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Single Jersey Knitting Machine [$1.00] China
Posted by Quanzhou Biaoda Machinery Co.,Ltd [Gold Member] on 06/09/2017, 10:03:36 PM
The latest version of High Speed single circular knitting machines represents the ability of innovation circular knitting machine. The four track different cams arrangement and Groz-Becker circular knitting needles used can produce various high-quality single jerseys with diverse knitting patterns. Designed with the central adjustment..
Spiral Wound Gasket [$1.00] China
Posted by [Gold Member] on 04/26/2017, 09:57:16 PM
Spiral Wound Gaskets can be used to seal fluid pressure up to 250 bar cryoprnices temperature as low as -200C and up to elevated temperature of 1000C. Spiral Wound Gaskets are widely used in the oil, gas, petrochemical process and engineering industries.The spiral wound gaskets is made up of winding material body and inner/outer ring.You can..
suspended magnet [$2000.00] China
Posted by Dongyang Tianli Magnei Co.,Ltd [Bronze Member] on 04/23/2017, 11:52:37 PM
The RCYB overband magnet also called suspended/suspention magnet.which is one of the best separation equipment for conveyor belt applications. Placed in a welded framework, the magnet harbors a powerful permanent magnet capable of removing tramp iron from huge volumes.The most important thing is that it is a simple and cheap apparatus for..
spandex covered yarn [$1.00] Taiwan
Posted by beyarns [Gold Member] on 12/29/2013, 01:01:58 AM
BeYarns elastic covered yarn is spandex yarn wrapping with one or two strands of filament yarns to increase filament yarns with higher elasticity and construct textile fabrics for better draping property and keeping in shape. A:Single Covered Yarn-SCY Spandex is wrapped with one filament yarn such as nylon.  It can be divided into two..
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